Inspired by many a conversation based around the more mischievous side of festival and comedy circuit fun, it was decided that a show about said situations should be put on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We all know that comedy festival shows are rapidly heading towards a more surreal, artistic, dark and whimsical style of doing things.

That is all well and good and the way many people want to see comedy performed. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and I love to watch and perform that kind of stuff myself for the most part.

However, there are many people - acts and audience alike – that still believe that there is much more space left in the old comedy circuit and festival dog for a show that is just damn good fun.

A show where comedians and their audience can talk and hear about that most joyous of all pursuits - shagging.

So it was, that ‘Shaggers’ was born.

And to hear most performers and those that look on tell their tales of copulation, it quickly becomes apparent that in tragedy, there truly is comedy…

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