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Maggie set off on her comedic track after winning a competition way back in 2000 on SAFM to review comedy shows for the Breakfast Crew of Amanda Blair, James Brayshaw and Paul Gale. The thought of free tickets for comedy shows was a huge incentive and each morning she’d report from the studio on the shows of the night before.

After the Fringe they kept throwing review gigs her way until Amanda Blair asked if she’d take over a gig she wouldn’t be able to do, which found Maggie on the stage as MC and host at the first Adelaide season of Singalonga Sound of Music. That’s when she was hit by the standup bug.

She signed up for the comedy school at Comix (and then worked at the club for two years) and her first Fringe show was in 2004 with Kehau Jackson, Em O’Loughlin and Roger Teece in the cheekily named "Snatches of Comedy".

Then came the writing and co production of Titters!, which became an award-winning sell-out all-female standup showcase for Adelaide Fringe 2007.

After a hiatus for theatre work and her wedding, she was back in 2011 at the Adelaide Fringe with colleagues Kehau Jackson and Kate Burr for Three Stuffed Mums - their smash sell-out show which was one of five shows out of 750 nominated for the Peoples Choice Award.

It was obvious the ladies had another success on their hands, with Kate being the physically stuffed mum of a toddler, Maggie being the mentally stuffed mum of a teenager and Kehau being the empty nester who could tell everyone to ‘get stuffed’!

Maggie says one of the best aspects of the show was staying back afterwards to talk to audience members who were relieved to hear their voices reflected back to them from the stage, and who were saying things like “I’m glad its not just me who thought that!”, and “I’m so happy to hear other people had those problems too.”

The show was a welcome phenomenon to the parents of Adelaide and you can check it out at www.threestuffedmums.com.

The show is still touring and the ladies are now writing a longer show – there’s a lot of material in parenthood!

Maggie has performed comedy in Adelaide and country South Australia, in Melbourne and in Glasgow. She did stand up spots at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2006 and has experience in both public and corporate work.

In 2014 Maggie combined her studies and love of personal development, NLP, Positive Psychology and comedy with her first solo comedy show, premiering at the Adelaide Fringe that year The Joy Protocol which had great reviews and was selling out by the end of it’s run.

Built around Martin Seligman’s Wellness Theory, the Joy Protocol is a bunch of engaging and funny stories about how Maggie managed to stuff up her search for happiness, until she found out how to do it properly!”

2014 also saw Maggie perform with her Three Stuffed Mums colleagues in Country SA as well as at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (which gives her the trifecta along with performances at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes).

Kate Burr, Maggie Wood & Kehau Jackson
in Three Stuffed Mums

Comedy Reviews:

"…it’s a winner." – Adelaide Theatre Guide 4.5 stars

"Maggie Wood is a raconteur with all the skill and funny bone for which Glaswegians are deservedly famous…She is telling the truth, this lass, and steals our hearts in the doing." - Rip It Up 3.5 Stars

"Engaging confessional that will warm your heartstrings." Sunday Mail 3.5 stars

"The Scot with the lot!" – Sunday Mail

"Maggie’s tales are on the ball." – The Advertiser

"The delightful Maggie Wood is Mentally Stuffed, and it shows in her wonderfully exhausted delivery." – Glamadelaide

Maggie Wood, “Mentally Stuffed” with a teenager, wins both sympathy and giggles from many a knowing parent in the audience." – Adelaide Theatre Guide

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