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Kagata Surfing Frens is a newly established local surfing network that connects you to different Solomon Islands village stays where you will experience the real and typical culture of living, interacting, and meeting new friends within smaller local families who live in the most remote parts of Solomon Islands, and at the same time surf the most crowd free and untouched waves of the islands.

Kagata Surfing Frens was established out of surfing after it was initiated just two seasons ago by local tourism operator, Mr Laurie Leketo. Laurie invests in the project, along with the local community to enhance their livelihood. It is a pilot project that emerges in the western remote part of Santa Isabel which is still left untouched, and will slowly grow to other remote parts of the Solomon Islands.

“By staying with the locals your valuable dollar goes back into the local tribes, helping our isolated communities with much needed essentials like food, medicine, education, and housing.”

Tourism Operator, Laurie Leketo
Age 26, BA in Tourism and Hospitality, USP, Suva, Fiji.

Kagata Surfing Frens is 100% locally owned, which gives the opportunity for most local people to participate directly and indirectly in the operation.

Our Mission is to provide the best achievable surfing experience with our uncrowned waves, village stay lifestyle, taste of our unique local cuisine and culture, and creating an unforgettable life changing experience in the Solomon Islands.

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