Over the years I have interviewed various people in our entertainment industry. They include:- Chad Morgan, Col Hardy, Frankie Davidson, Olive Bice, Floreena Forbes, Anne Conway, Col James, Wayne Horsbrough, Pixi Jenkins,Trevor Day, Justin Standley, Greg Anderson, Jade Hurley, The Searchers, Ryan Stout and Tony Rahme.

Over the next few months - I will be interviewing various other entertainers.

However here's one of the interviews I did back in 2015. Tony, an Australian/New Zealand actor began his career in his field around 2009, after a stint with stand-up comedy. His first lead role was 'Framed' in 2010. He has appeared in various short films. Moving to New Zealand he landed a guest spot on NZ's prime time soap-opera 'Shortland Street' playing the villain Blair Heath (2015).

I first caught up with Tony at some Sydney function in 2013 and again in 2015 to do a short interview with him. . . here's the result of that afternoon in Sydney.

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