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A good comedy act is hard to find, and thanks to Comedy Clubs across the nation who give inspiring your comics their start since the early 1980’s, also it is a place where international acts often entertain as ‘head-liners’.

Recently I dropped in to check out the talent at the popular Craichouse Comedy Club in Wollongong. The club was founded by Marty Henchion in 2006 and is quite successful giving local comics the opportunity to strut their materials.

I caught up with comedian and compare of the night: Stu McPherson.

Stu started along the comedic road in 2003 in a comedy competition in held in Wollongong, eventually doing some open-mic gigs in Sydney. This built up his confidence which led to paid gigs around Sydney. In 2006 he became involved in the Craichouse Comedy Club. He was most inspired by legendary American comic Jerry Seinfeld.

Bad Experience:

It came on the eve of performing his third gig, Stu almost lost the show, or so at the time it seemed that way. Like comedians before him, he thought it clever to divert mid-act to pick on someone in the audience. When returning to the material he had no idea where he was and in his own words “I was standing there, like a deer in headlights”. He learnt a valuable lesson that bad experiences can happen and you don’t die, the show simply goes on.

The highlight of his comedic career since he started was performing at the annual Wollongong’s Comedy Festival alongside the likes of Tom Glesson and Gary Eck, in front of a crowd of 400.

No subject is tabo in Stu’s eyes, so long as it’s funny. Be it talking about Catholic Priests and other Religions or simply referring to a woman in the audience as a prostitute which he only implies through a gag. He chuckles with laughter, when explaining the he has seen people walk out when he talks about religion. I guess people shouldn’t take life too seriously.

When he’s not on stage, Stu seems to chill-out with a round of golf, watching football.

Recently he joined Wollongong’s Circus Monoxide with his skills of juggling and uni-cycling.

Although most importantly spending quality time with his family. His one goal is that he would like to get a paid headline spot which he eagerly look forwards to.

Throwing some random questions to Stu, here’s what we got.

1. If you were an animal, what would it be & why?
A cat, their life seems pretty easy

2. The movie you would have loved to have starred in?
The big Lebowski

3. You’ll be best remembered for?
Making people laugh.

4. The facts of life? Try not to take things too seriously

5. If you could turn back time?
I would have started comedy earlier

6. When you woke up this morning?
I thought shit, it’s too early, I wish my baby would sleep longer

7. What bugs you more than anything?
People who take up 2 car-parking spaces with 1 car

8. You would like to meet?
Jeff Bridges

9. You are patronising when?
I hire comedians, and they are not very good.

10. You can’t live with out?

You can catch Stu McPherson at various venues when and where advertised – or at the Craichouse Comedy Club Wollongong – which is held on the last Saturday of each month. For more information regarding the Club and their artists on upcoming shows follow the the link.

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