JIMBO'Billed As Australia’s Crudest Comedian' - 16-03-10

He has been labelled Australia’s crudest comedian, and banned from various prominent comedy establishments but Australians still love the rawness of his act. It seems his comedy is based on life experiences and the experience of those around him. He also works on the feedback from hecklers and he’s had his fair share of them. He certainly is a cut away from the traditional stand-up comic.

Now in London stirring the Poms with his comedy routine Jimbo seems to be on his best behaviour – but, never despair, he has not seen the light yet. He is just as mad and bad as he always has been.

We threw a few questions across to Jimbo and here is what we got from this Aussie Character in his own words.

Who were your inspirations – if any?
Um, I remember loving The Paul Hogan Show as a kid. Mostly though, I'm inspired by friends and punters I meet on the road who make me laugh.

Where you ever a prankster at school?
A bit. I slung the odd heckle from my seat in class and occasionally played the clown in school plays.

Which would you prefer ‘G’ rated or ‘R’ rated performances?
I did G-rated clown shows all through the nineties until I became a little bored of them. In retrospect though, dealing with children on sugar was perfect training for dealing with adults on drugs and alcohol for five years in my R-rated shows throughout Outback Australia. In fact, the average clown show in the middle class backyards of Sydney involved me dealing with far more chaotic, unpredictable heckling and violence (ie: punches to the balls) than any outback, front room bar show, I've ever done.

What was the first Club you banned from in Australia?
The Sydney Comedy Store suspended me from playing first. Venues like the Laugh Garage soon followed. They've got a business to run on their rules though and I respect that. Besides, there’re millions of places to perform comedy in the world. And as long as people are laughing, there's no violence in the room and everything that happens on stage is consensual, everything is cool with me.

Have you been banned in any places in England yet? Or maybe other Countries you may have been to, other than Australia?
No, I've been behaving myself in the comedy clubs here (England) and giving my feral country shows a rest. I wanted to prove to myself and others I can do M-rated stuff well too. I couldn't do this in most comedy clubs in Australia. My rap sheet was too long - unlike here (England) where I started as an unknown open-mic five minute act. Anyway, once I can get regular headline work here - then I'll work on getting banned. I think I got banned from a club in South Africa. Getting banned and not being booked is often hard to distinguish in my career

England has had other Aussie comics the likes of Barry Humphries alter ego ‘Les Patterson’ and now yourself. How would the English, like your ‘R’ rated performances?
I've found the attitude and dynamics to R-rated comedy in the U.K to be exactly the same as in Australia. Basically, providing its funny, the further away from the major city centres you get the more relaxed, forgiving and appreciative of R-rated comedy, crowds are.

Is there talk of any tours of the US?
There's a voice in my head that says I'd like to go there one day. I'm concentrating more at the moment on earning enough money to not sleep on the streets of London first though.

What are your views on Political Correctness?
If the crowd laugh it's correct. Different crowds however demand different versions of correctness (and wrongness).

Is any subject you won’t hit on?
Having a cheap shot at any underdog. This is not because I'm a good bloke but because crowds don't laugh at this type of comedy in my view. Individuals do but crowds don't.

On YouTube you have video clip of walking the street with a goat, have you done this kind of stint in the UK?
I haven't been able to find a goat in London yet. I'm still hoping to take one for a walk round Leicester Square though before I go.

Australia has got to know you and your comedy routine for about 15 years, are there any plans on doing another tour of outback Australia?
I'll always tour Outback Australia. I miss my friends out there and can't wait to see them again in between shows.

There you are folks, ‘Jimbo’ will be back in Australia to do another outback tour sometime in the near future.

If by now, you are still wondering who the hell is this comedian, check out some of his performances on YouTube. In the meantime – why not purchase the official ‘Jimbo Goat F—ker Mega Pack’ at his website and check out his blogs.

Website:- www.jimbo.com.au

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