Hey folks, welcome to my site.

This here is Drongo Jack. . . On this site I interview entertainers Australian and Overseas. I try to get entertainers for all tastes in Music, Sport and so on. If there is someone you would like to see appear on this site and if they are willing to give their time, will see what I can do.

Yeah, you dont need to tell me I know I have one of those idiotic recognisable faces, and its my own fault. When they were giving out good looks I thought they said good books, so I asked for a funny one.

I really would love to get a part in a movie. I might have to put the bite on a few film directors in Australia and America to get a part in a comedy film. I can sing (well I always have fun trying to), I can act and I can also eat a watermelon through a picket fence. Perhaps youre right, Im wasting my time, they aren't gonna call me.

As the late great English comedian Max Miller who entertained the early part of last century once said and Im sure its all true:

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I like the girls who do, and I like the girls who dont
I hate the girls who say they will, and then they say they wont
But the girls I like the best of all, and Im sure Im darn right
Are the girls who say they never do, but they look as though they might

There was one sheila from Canada we met at one of those backpackers establishments. (it was later established that I was a front-packer) She wanted me to go swimming with her. I said cool, I would love to." She started floating on her back, it gave me the opportunity to get some breaststroke happening, cause I like to keep fit.

O I like the girls from Russia, I like the girls from Spain
I like the girls from Canada, I treat them all the same
I like the girls from Ireland, I like the those from Denmark
I always use a glowing condom, Just to find to it in the dark
O I like the girls from Finland, I like the girls of Swiss
In fact I like the girls all over, Especially those who give a kiss
So girls when youre Down Under, Down under what? I hear you say
Dont forget to look me up, Cause I sure like to say Gday

Anyway folks, for now take it easy or any way you can get it!!!!

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